Eurail Greece Rail Pass: How to buy, use? Travel routes, List of cities to visit in Greece using Greece Rail Pass

What is a Rail Pass?

Rail pass is nothing but a train pass (travel document) which entitles to travel on the European trains.

Is there any benefits of having a EU Rail | Interrail pass?

Yes, if you have any one of the rail pass, there will be a discounted rates on shopping, hotel stay and some museum / attraction has free entry / discounted entry rate

Travel throughout Greece with Eurail Greece Rail Pass

The Eurail Greece Rail Pass is a great way to experience the Mediterranean beaches, beaches, ancient ruins and gastronomical wonders of Greece and discover many other highlights.

Note: Seat reservation fees are not included in the Passes.

Which Train/Ferries accepts Eurail Greece Rail Pass?

Train Company: Hellenic Train

Ferries: Superfast Ferries, Minoan Lines, Grimaldi Lines, Blue Star Ferries

How to buy and book Greece Eurail Pass?

1. Visit

2. Select traveler’s age

Greece Rail Pass


3. View Pass types and cost

4. Select your pass

Greece Rail Pass

5. Click “Add to cart” and “Checkout”

6. Select either a mobile pass or a Paper pass

7. If you choose the paper pass then enter your shipping address

8. Enter the personal information

9. Make a Payment

10. The passes were sent to you via registered mail.

Greece Rail Pass

How to make a seat reservation if you have Greece Eurail Pass?

  • Not possible through Eurail reservation self-service system.
  • Locally at the train station in Greece.

Eu Rail Aid Offices in Greece

Eurail Greece Rail Pass Routes, Destination, Validity

Which routes you can travel with Eurail Greece Rail Pass?

Domestics RoutesĀ 

  • Athens to Thessaloniki
  • Athens to Larissa
  • Larissa to Thessaloniki
  • Athens to Patras (Partially by bus)
  • Athens to Kalambaka

Scenic train routes

The Pelion train

  • A steam train travels from Ano Lehonia to Milies, up the spectacular Mount Pelion.
  • The journey lasts 1.5 hours, including a 15-minute break.

The Rack Railway

  • A rack railroad from Diakofto to Kalavryta takes you through the gorgeous Vouraikos Gorge.
  • The journey lasts approximately 1 hour.

International ferry routes from Greece to Italy

Superfast Ferries

  • Patras/Igoumenitsa to Ancona/Bari/Venice
  • Corfu – Bari (summer only)

How to set up / activate / deactivate the (Eurail pass) mobile pass? How to board the train with EU pass? Download the Rail Planner app?

List of Eurail Aid Offices

View the List of Eurail Aid Offices Address, Open hours, How to get assistance with Eurail Pass? through the above link.

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