How to set up / activate / deactivate the (Eurail pass) mobile pass? How to board the train with EU pass? Download the Rail Planner app?

How to set up / activate mobile pass? Download the Rail Planner app?

There are 3 steps to activate the pass

1.Adding a pass

  • Click the confirmation link received through your email
  • Download and Open the app
  • Select “My Pass”
  • Tap Add your pass”
  • Enter your name, pass number which you have received in your email
  • If you are travelling in a group, you can add every pass to a different device / add multiple passes on the same device
  • You can activate child pass using the same method as adult pass

2. Connecting a trip

Step 2 is connecting your trip

  • Create a new trip and name it

3. Activate the pass

  • To activate the pass, enter the passport / ID number
  • Select the date
  • Your pass is activated which is valid from the date of activation

Finally you can show the ticket when you board the train

Can you deactivate the Eu pass?

Yes, You can.

  • Select “My Pass”
  • Select three dots on the top right
  • Select “Deactivate Pass”

How to board the train after activating the EU pass?

  • Create a day ticket. Search your trains from planner through the app
  • Select the journey and save to your trip
  • Once created, QR code will be generated which will be shown at the time of inspection
  • Visit “My Pass” and click Show tickets to show your ticket

Is it required to create a ticket daily for your travel?

  • Yes, you need to create a ticket everyday for your travel

Download the Rail Planner app

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