Deutsche Bahn (DB) Phone number, Email, Timetable, How to book, self check-in?

Deutsche Bahn (DB) customer care phone number, email, timetable, schedule, how to buy train tickets, self check-in, BahnCard and DB App

Deutsche Bahn (DB) customer care Contacts

BahnCard-Service Contacts

Address: BahnCard-Service, 60643 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: 030 2970 – the service number of Deutsche Bahn
030 65212888 – Mobility Service Centre
Telephone: 030 2970

Hours: (Mon – Fri from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Email: [email protected]

BahnCard  Contacts

Address: DB Fernverkehr AG, BahnCard 100, 60645 Frankfurt

Phone: 030 586020900 (Mon – Sun from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.)

Email: [email protected]


Deutsche Bahn (DB) Timetable

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the location/line/district
  3. Get your District time table as PDF File

How to buy train tickets at Deutsche Bahn (DB) through DB Navigator app ?

  1. A mobile ticket is a digital ticket that you use in the DB Navigator app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. You can book it in the DB Navigator app or on
  3. If you book via , the ticket will be displayed directly in the app if you are logged in there with the same customer account .
  4. When booking without a customer account, you can load the ticket into the app using the order number or the link in the confirmation email.
  5. When checking on the train, show your mobile phone ticket in the DB Navigator app. from EUR 26.90 in 1st class.

How to book Train Tickets at Deutsche Bahn (DB)?

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the from to destination
  3. Enter the journey date, traveling persons and age
  4. Select your class type (1st class or 2nd class)
  5. Enter the Ticket & Reservation information
  6. Make a Payment and Click Conformation

BahnCard Benefits

  1. Discounts from transport associations, railways and bus companies
  2. BahnBonus points
  3. RAILPLUS – by train abroad
  4. Cheap parking
  5. Sign up for the Flinkster car-sharing program for free
  6. Call a Bike
  7. Travel Protection
  8. My Advantage World
  9. Get exclusive discounts from Avis, Europcar and Sixt
  10. Save 10% on the DEVK basic tariff (applies to motor vehicle liability, partial/fully comprehensive)

BahnCard Types

Card Type Cost
BahnCard 25, 2nd class 59.90 euros
BahnCard 25, 1st class 121 euros
BahnCard 50, 2nd class 244 euros
BahnCard 50, 1st class 492 euros
Sample BahnCard 25, 2nd class 17.90 euros
Sample BahnCard 25, 1st class 36.90 euros
Sample BahnCard 50, 2nd class 72.90 euros
Sample BahnCard 50, 1st class 146 euros
BahnCard 100, 2nd class 4,339 euros
BahnCard 100, 1st class 7,356 euros
Sample BahnCard 100, 2nd class 1,295 euros
Sample BahnCard 100, 1st class 2,339 euros
My BahnCard 25, 2nd class 36.90 euros
My BahnCard 25, 1st class 77.90 euros
Youth BahnCard 25 12.00 euros
Senior BahnCard 25, 2nd class 38.90 euros
Senior BahnCard 25, 1st class 77.90 euros
Reduced BahnCard 25, 2nd class 38.90 euros
Reduced BahnCard 25, 1st class 77.90 euros

How to get BahnCard at Deutsche Bahn (DB)?

  1. Visit
  2. Select the travelers, Validity period and Class
  3. Select your card and click “Order Now”

How to self check-in at Deutsche Bahn (DB)?

  1. Open DB Navigator app, go to My tickets
  2. Click my Tickets (instructions).
  3. Open the mobile phone ticket, then tap the Itinerary tab.
  4. Select the  Komfort Check-in (Self Check-in) button to confirm your seat choice and that you are starting your journey.

Download Deutsche Bahn (DB) Navigator Apps on App Store / Google Play / App Gallery

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