Eurail Macedonia Pass: How to buy, use? Travel routes, List of cities to visit in Macedonia using Macedonia Rail Pass

What is a Rail Pass?

The rail pass is nothing but a train pass (travel document) which entitles one to travel on European trains.

Is there any benefits of having an EU Rail | Interrail pass?

Yes, if you have any one of the rail passes, there will be discounted rates on shopping and hotel stay, and some museum/attraction has free entry / discounted entry rate

Travel throughout Macedonia with Eurail Macedonia Rail Pass

Three national parks are an amazing opportunity to travel off the beaten track, so get ready for an adventure! You don’t have to worry about crowded places as tourists don’t throng towns or villages. Visit Bitola, Lake Ohrid, Skopje or Wales.

Which Train/Ferries accepts Eurail Macedonia Rail Pass?

  • Railway Company: MZ

How to buy and book Macedonia Eurail Pass?

1. Visit

2. Select traveler’s age

Eurail Macedonia Pass


3. View Pass types and cost

4. Select your pass

Eurail Macedonia Pass

5. Click “Add to cart” and “Checkout”

6. Select either a mobile pass or a Paper pass

7. If you choose the paper pass then enter your shipping address

8. Enter the personal information

9. Make a Payment

10. The passes were sent to you via registered mail.


Eurail Macedonia Pass

How to make a seat reservation if you have Macedonia Eurail Pass?

  • Locally at the train station.

Which routes you can travel with Eurail Macedonia Rail Pass?

Train Routes

  • Skopje – Veles – Gevgelija
  • Skopje – Veles – Prilep – Bitola
  • Skopje – Kumanovo – Tabanovci

How to set up / activate / deactivate the (Eurail pass) mobile pass? How to board the train with EU pass? Download the Rail Planner app?

List of Eurail Aid Offices

View the List of Eurail Aid Offices Address, Open hours, How to get assistance with Eurail Pass? through the above link.

Lesser-Known Destinations That Can Be Explored Through Eurail Pass

Click the above link to view some of the best lesser-known destinations in Europe that can be explored through Eurail passes

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