BritRail Pass: How to buy, use? Travel routes, List of cities to visit in Great Britain

What is a Rail Pass?

The rail pass is nothing but a train pass (travel document) which entitles one to travel on European trains.

Is there any benefits of having an EU Rail | Interrail pass?

Yes, if you have any one of the rail passes, there will be discounted rates on shopping and hotel stay, and some museum/attraction has free entry / discounted entry rate

Travel throughout Great Britain with BritRail Pass

A Britrail pass allows you to travel throughout Great Britain. You can buy a BritRail pass for a specific country, such as England or Scotland.
This Pass is a single rail pass that allows you to travel as much as you want across the UK for a set number of travel days. You can use a Pass if you are not a UK citizen and have not lived in the UK for the last six months or more.

Trains in the UK take you through some incredible scenery. Whether it be in Scotland to visit the Highlands, soaring up the north-east coast, or taking in the stunning views of the Cornwall countryside, there are plenty of things to see using a Pass.

Which Train/Ferries accepts BritRail Pass?

  • InterCity trains
  • Regional trains
  • Local trains
  • Sleeper trains
  • Heathrow Express
  • Stansted Express
  • Gatwick Express

Types of BritRail Pass

  • Consecutive Pass
  • Flexi Pass

How much does a BritRail Pass cost?

Type Adult Price
2-days Pass £96
3-days Pass £144
4-days Pass £178
8-days Pass £258
15-days Pass £385
22-days Pass £481
1-month Pass £568

BritRail Pass Discounts

Saver Discount Groups of 3-9 people can save up to 20% on regular prices when travelling together.
Senior Discount  Those who are 60 years and older receive a 15% discount.
Youth Discount Travellers aged 16-25 are eligible for a 20% reduction on their pass fare.
Family Discount  Receive a 50% discount on their ticket.
Low Season Discount  Get up to 20% off the regular Pass price.
2 for 1 offers

BritRail Pass Zone Map

BritRail Pass

How to buy and book a BritRail Pass?

You can get a pass from one of the following providers

Book through ACPRail website

  1. Visit
  2. Select your Pass
  3. Enter the date, adults, Pass type
  4. Click “Serch” and “Check out”
  5. Enter the traveler’s information
  6. Enter the billing information
  7. Make a Payment

BritRail Pass

How to make a seat reservation if you have BritRail Pass?


1.How does the BritRail Pass work?

BritRail passes can be purchased online up to 6 months in advance. You can choose between a paper pass sent to you by registered post or an M-Pass – a mobile ticket that you can download to your phone.

2. Which train classes can I use my BritRail Pass on?

You can use your Pass on both First and Standard Class.

3. How long are BritRail passes valid?

Valid for one month. A month in the National Rail Network is a calendar month. For example, a pass that starts on February 11th will expire on March 10th.

How to set up / activate / deactivate the (Eurail pass) mobile pass? How to board the train with EU pass? Download the Rail Planner app?

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Lesser-Known Destinations That Can Be Explored Through Eurail Pass

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