Split Ticketing: Benefits, How to work?, Usage Charges, How to book tickets?, Refund

Split ticketing is managed and operated by rail travel enthusiasts determined to save as much money as possible on train tickets.
This is because their associated websites do not sell train tickets but try to find and offer you money-saving split train ticket options on your chosen route. Split ticket helps you save your time and money as much as possible

Benefits of Split Ticketing

  • A dedicated booking platform
  • E-tickets (subject to availability) delivered directly to your phone or device
  • Seat Selector feature allows you to select your preferred seat for a more comfortable and enjoyable journey
  • Multiple payment options available, including pay-as-you-book and a password-protected lodged card facility
  • Regular daily and monthly reporting and summary categorized by department, cost code, etc
  • Access to itemized MI reporting and emission savings for each journey
  • No credit card charges
  • No set-up fees and costs are included in the price of the ticket, with a £1.50 per transaction booking fee and a percentage of any savings retained
  •  No management charges
  • Ability to add business cost centres + any other fields

What are the Train Companies include the Split ticketing service?

  • Arriva trains Wales
  • c2c Trains
  • Chiltern Railways
  • Cross Country Trains
  • East Coast Railways
  • East Midlands Trains
  • First Capital Connect
  • Grand Central Railways
  • First Great Western
  • Gatwick Express Trains
  • First Hull Trains
  • Virgin Trains
  • Greater Anglia Railways
  • Heathrow Connect Trains
  • Heathrow Express Trains
  • London Midland Trains
  • Merseyrail Trains
  • Northern Railway
  • ScotRail Trains
  • Southeastern Trains
  • Southern Railways
  • South West Trains
  • Stansted Express Trains
  • TransPennine Express Trains

How does split ticketing work?

With Split Ticketing site it’s quick and easy. For example from Birmingham to Leeds:

  • A return ticket costs £75.50
  • With Split Ticketing you can buy a train ticket from Birmingham to Derby, another from Derby to Sheffield and finally one from Sheffield to Leeds, all for just £49.30
  • That’s a remarkable saving of £25.80
  • All fares quoted are Off-Peak (returning the same day) and accurate as of July 2023. Saving at peak times can be even greater.

What are the usage charges in Split Ticketing?

  • SplitTicketing.com is free to use
  • But if the SplitTicketing system finds cheaper train tickets by splitting than you would have got without splitting, they charge you a fixed fee of 15% of the savings they made.
  • If they can’t save, they don’t charge for using the service, however you can book split train tickets through SplitTicketing.

How to book tickets at Split Ticketing?

  1. Visit https://book.splitticketing.com/
  2. Enter the from to destination
  3. Enter your journey type
  4. Select the Number of passengers and Railcards
  5. Select the route options and travel mode
  6. Click “Find Ticket”

Split Ticketing

How to get refund at Split Ticketing?

Automatic online refunds for tickets purchased from TrainSplit.

You can use this service to:

  • Refund unused flexible tickets
  • Refund unused advance tickets, for which a replacement ticket (for the same journey as the originals) has already been purchased through their.


  1. Visit https://refunds.trainsplit.com/#field1
  2. Enter the Booking reference (Find it in your booking confirmation email)
  3. Enter the Email Address
  4. Click “Continue”

Split Ticketing


Note: You might not need a refund if your plans are flexible and you can travel on another day before/after the strike date instead.

Can any savings on split tickets be combined with the Railcard discount?

Yes. You can savings from split tickets can be added to the Railcard discount to add up to a third of your train fare.

Do you want to get on and off the train by paying a separate ticket?

You can relax and enjoy the journey. Even with multiple tickets, you’re on board. If you are in first class and pre-reserved, you may have to move seats (but not get off the train).

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