Oravita Anina Line Scenic Train – Routes, Map, Schedule, Timing, Ticket Price, How to book ticket?

The Oravita Anina Scenic Train route is the oldest railway from South-East Europe. The rail line from Anina to Oravița was the first mountain railway in Hungary and today’s Romania. Opened in 1863, it is still in use today for touristic purposes, and it is one of the most beautiful railways in Europe due to very picturesque landscapes, viaducts, and long tunnels.


  • The line was nicknamed the “Semmering of Banat” because of its resemblance to the “Semmering” railway in Austria, built between 1845-1854.
  • The Semmering railway has a total length of 40 km between Klocknitz-Murschlag.
  • The longest on the Oravisa-Anina route is 660 m
  • Oravina and Maidan 6 crossings – of which the longest is the so-called Rakovica Viaduct, 115 m long and 26,5 m high.
  • There is a viaduct between Maidan and Lisava, between Lisava and Carliste (Karasova) there are two viaducts, one of which is Zidin – Viaduct – a real work of art.

Oravita Anina Line

What is the ticket price / cost at Oravita Anina Line Train 2nd Class?

Ticket Type Price
Adult  CFR Călători 29.0 lei
Adult With TrenPlus Card  CFR Călători 23.0 lei
Child  CFR Călători 17.0 lei
Pupil  CFR Călători 0.0 lei
Pensioner  CFR Călători 17.0 lei
Student  CFR Călători 2.9 lei

What are the stations/cities served by Oravita Anina Line Scenic Train?

  • Anina
  • Gârliște Hm
  • Ciudanovița hc
  • Lișava
  • Dobrei P. aj. M
  • Brădișoru de Jos hc
  • Oravița

Oravita Anina Line Scenic Train Route Map

Oravita Anina Line  Train Time Table for Anina – Oravita

Departure Arrival Hours Train
14:40 16:40 2 hours 0 min R 9694 Direct train

Oravita Anina Line  Train Time Table for Oravita – Anina

Departure Arrival Hours Train
11.15 13.15 2 hours 0 min R 9695 Direct train

How to buy Oravita Anina Line Scenic Train tickets?

There are several ways to purchase your ticket:

  • Online (up to 30 days in advance) through the CFR Călători website.
  • at the station from vending machines, ticket offices and CFR travel agencies.

How to book tickets at Oravita Anina Line Scenic Train online?

  • Visit CFR Călători website
  • Select your ticket type
  • Click “Cart”

Oravita Anina Line


Oravita Anina Line Oravita - Anina Train


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