GoldenPass Express – Routes, Map, Schedule, Timing, Reservation Fees, How to book ticket?, Luggage allowance Travel with Pets, Bicycle

GoldenPass Express – Routes, Map, Schedule, Timing, Reservation Fees, How to Book a Ticket? and Social Media.

GoldenPass Express provides a seamless and even more comfortable travel experience on one of Switzerland’s most picturesque train routes. The new panoramic train will connect Interlaken with Montreux up to four times a day (from June 2023), offering uninterrupted views of the breathtaking panorama.

Golden Express

Express Feature

  • Montreux and Lake Geneva
  • Ride through Lavaux vineyards
  • Panoramic trip through Gstaad Saanenland
  • Lungern, Sarner and Alpnach lakes
  • Lucerne with Chappel bridge

What are the stations/cities served by GoldenPass Express?

  • Montreux – Interlaken Ost
  • Interlaken Ost – Montreux

Golden Express

What is the ticket price/cost at GoldenPass Express 1st Class / 2n Class?

 Booking fee

Prestige (Individual and Group) CHF 35.00
Individual 1st and 2nd class CHF 20.00
Group 1st and 2nd class CHF 17.00

Ticket Price

Individual 2 Kl. 1 Kl.
Trip One Way Round One Way Round
Montreux – Interlaken CHF 53.00 CHF 106.00 CHF 93.00 CHF 186.00
Montreux – Gstaad CHF 26.00 CHF 52.00 CHF 46.00 CHF 92.00
Spiez – Montreux CHF 48.00 CHF 96.00 CHF 84.00 CHF 168.00
Interlaken – Gstaad CHF 35.00 CHF 70.00 CHF 62.00 CHF 124.00

GoldenPass Express Timetable

Goleden Express

Goleden Express

How to book tickets at GoldenPass Express online?

  1. Visit
  2. Select the route and date
  3. Enter the number of persons
  4. Select the desired time, date
  5. Check the summary of reservations
  6. Enter personal data, with a reduction
  7. Make a Payment

Golden Express

How to get refund?

Electronic tickets: Electronic tickets may be refunded in line with T600.9 (only in German). There is a charge for reimbursements.

Online tickets: Where a ticket is purchased but not used in line with the conditions outlined above, a refund claim may be submitted by mail at [email protected].

Important: the relevant ticket or order number must also be supplied.

Refund at the station: Tickets for refund may be presented at the station on a mobile device or in printed form.

Online reservations: Online reservations cannot generally be refunded. However, reimbursements are possible in the following cases:

Verified incapacity to travel (illness, accident, or death).

In these cases, a refund claim must be completed and the relevant supporting documents for the refund must be attached.

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GoldenPass Express

GoldenPass Express

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