EuroNight Routes, Map, Fleets, Facilities, Ticket types, Reservation Fees, How to book ticket?

EuroNight, abbreviated EN, is a European train category that denotes many mainline national and international night train services within the Western and Central European inter-city rail network.

What are the facilities at EuroNight?

  • Air conditioning
  • Coffee bar
  • Disabled facilities
  • Luggage racks
  • Power sockets
  • Snack trolley

Whos’ operating EuroNight Trains?

  • ÖBB
  • SJ
  • PKP Intercity
  • ŽSSK
  • ČD
  • MÁV
  • CFR
  • ŽSSK
  • Trenitalia

EuroNight Trains

EN 40457 Berlin Central Station  –  Budapest-Keleti
EN 1153 Bratislava Nové Mesto   –  Split
EN 40476 Budapest-Keleti  –  Berlin Central Station
EN 50462 Budapest-Keleti  –  Stuttgart Hbf
EN 40462 Budapest-Keleti  –  Zurich HB
EN 40456 Graz Central Station  –  Warsaw Wschodnia
EN 406 München Hbf Gl.5-10  –  Warszawa Wschodnia
IC 60406 München Hbf Gl.5-10  –  Warszawa Wschodnia
EN 40458 Prague Main Station  –  Zurich HB
EN 50466 Prague Main Station  –  Zurich HB
EN 480 Rijeka  –  Stuttgart Hbf
EN 1152 Split  –  Bratislava Nové Mesto
EN 50237 Stuttgart Hbf  –  Budapest-Keleti
EN 60237 Stuttgart Hbf  –  Rijeka
EN 40237 Stuttgart Hbf  –  Zagreb Glavni Kolod.
EN 407 Warsaw Central Station  –  Graz Central Station
IC 60407 Warszawa Wschodnia  –  München Hbf Gl.5-10
EN 414 Zagreb Glavni Kolod.  –  Stuttgart Hbf
EN 40414 Zagreb Glavni Kolod.  –  Zurich HB
EN 40467 Zurich HB  –  Budapest-Keleti
EN 40459 Zurich HB  –  Prague Main Station
EN 50467 Zurich HB  –  Prague Main Station
EN 40465 Zurich HB  –  Zagreb Glavni Kolod.

EuroNight Fleet

  • Metropol
  • Ister
  • Zürichsee
  • Bohemia
  • Chopin
  • Silesia
  • Allegro Tosca

Croatia routes:

Zagreb – Ljubljana – Munich (Via Salzburg, Lake Bled and Ljubljana)

Zagreb – Ljubljana – Feldkirch – Zurich (Via Innsbruck, Lake Bled and Ljubljana)

Rijeka – Ljubljana – Munich (Via Opatija, Lake Bled and Ljubljana)

Spilt – Maribor – Graz – Vienna – Bratislava

Metropol routes:

Prague – Budapest (train number EN 477/476 and IC 572/573)

Via Brno, Breclav and Bratislava

Kalman Imre routes:

Stuttgart – Munich – Budapest (train number EN 462/463)
Via Vienna and Salzburg

Zürich – Budapest (train number EN 40462/40467)
Via Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck

EuroNight Route Map


What are the ticket types at EuroNight Trains?

  • Deluxe Sleeper
  • Standard Sleeper
  • Couchette
  • Standard Seat

Reservation Fees for EuroNight Trains

Seat: €3 – €3.50
6-bed couchette: €9.40 – €13.40 p.p.
4-bed couchette: €14 – €20 p.p.
3-bed sleeper: €20 p.p.
Double sleeper: €30 p.p.
Single sleeper: €70

How to book EuroNight Trains tickets?

You can book Trains tickets:

  • By calling the ÖBB Customer Service (+43-5-1717)
  • Locally at the station
  • On the ÖBB website

How to book EuroNight trains ticket through the ÖBB website?

  1. Go to ÖBB 
  2. Click ‘book a ticket’
  3. Choose your route and click ‘single tickets/day tickets’ in the results
  4. Before you pick your train, go to the top right corner and click on ‘who is going?’.
  5. Here you click on ‘add discount’ and scroll down or search for ‘Interrail/Eurail – Globalpass’, then select it and click confirm.
  6. Now you can select the train you want to take and you’ll immediately see the Pass Holder reservation fee you have to pay.
  7. Go through the booking process and finalise your reservation.


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