What is GA Travelcard? How to apply and obtain? Types of Card, Required Documents, Valid Area, Prices

What is GA Travelcard?

GA Travel Card

GA stands for General Abonnemen(in French). The GA travel card allows Swiss citizens unlimited public transport for a year. The general subscription (GA) is essentially Switzerland’s flat-rate card and entitles travelers to use all SBB trains as well as most other Swiss railways and buses, trams, and ships without further bookings. The GA is offered at a discounted price for many target groups – children, students, seniors and people with disabilities receive the subscription at a special price and there is even a special GA for dogs.

Types of GA Travelcard

  • Adults Card
  • Children Card
  • Youth 2650 Card
  • 25-Year-Olds Card
  • Seniors Card
  • Disabled Persons Card
  • Duos Card
  • Families

Advantages of GA Travelcard

  • Class upgrade – travel in 1st class with a 2nd class GA Travelcard.
  • Depositing your GA Travelcard.
  • The GA Travelcard in mountain regions.
  • Boat journeys with the GA Travelcard.
  • Commission-free currency exchange with SBB Change.
  • Discounts on day trips with RailAway.
  • P+Rail – monthly and annual passes for parking at the station.
  • International travel.
  • Discounts for Rent a Bike.
  • Europcar – save up to 15% on car hires.
  • SwissPass Plus Special Offers.
  • SBB Lost and Found Service: reduced return fee.
  • Access to the lounges of the Railteam partners (GA Travelcard in 1st class).

GA Travelcard prices

Annual Prices for GA Travel Card

Product Prices until 9 December 2023. Prices as of 10 December 2023
 2nd class in CHF 1st class in CHF  2nd class in CHF  1st class in CHF 
 Adults Travel Card 3860 6300 3995 6520
 Children  Travel Card 1645 2760 1720 2850
 Youth  Travel Card 2650 4520 2780 4450
 25 Year Olds  Travel Card 3360 5450 3495 5670
 Seniors  Travel Card 2880 4840 3040 4950
 Disabled Persons  Travel Card 2480 4050 2600 4120
 Duos  Travel Card 2700 4340 2860 4450
 Families  Travel Card from 680 from 2760 from 710 from 2850

Monthly Prices for GA Travel Card

Product Prices until 9 December 2023. Prices as of 10 December 2023
 2nd class in CHF 1st class in CHF  2nd class in CHF  1st class in CHF 
 Adults Travel Card 340 545 355 565
 Children  Travel Card 160 250 165 260
 Youth  Travel Card 245 405 260 400
 25 Year Olds  Travel Card 300 475 310 490
 Seniors  Travel Card 260 430 275 440
 Disabled Persons  Travel Card 225 355 240 365
 Duos  Travel Card 245 380 260 395
 Families  Travel Card from 75 from 250 from 75 from 260

What are the required document for apply GA Travelcard?

  • smartphone with a camera.
  • Debit or credit card (Post Finance Card, Mastercard, Visa, Reka Card, American Express, Diners, JCB or my One), Twint.
  • Recent, high-quality, digital passport photo.
  • Passport or ID card.

How to apply and obtain GA Travelcard?

Apply through Online

  1. Visit https://www.sbb.ch/en/travelcards-and-tickets/railpasses/ga.html
  2. Select your travel card
  3. Choose your pass payment either annual Payment or monthly payment
  4. Click “Purchase”
  5. Sign in to Your Swiss Pass account
  6. Enter your SwissPass card number (If you don’t have a travel card or a SwissPass, you can still buy your new GA Travelcard online. You will also need a recent, high-quality, digital passport photo.)
  7. Enter the Personal details and document details
  8. Make a Payment

Apply through Order Form

  • Download the Form
  • Select your Card
  • Enter the name, address, Postcode, Country, email and phone number
  • Enter the date of birth, Correspondence and customer number
  • Enter the Payment details and document details
  • After completing the form to send by SBB AG, SBB Contact Center, P.O. Box 176, CH-3900 Brig

where your GA Travelcard is valid?

What happens if the GA Travel Card is not used for a certain period of time?

Deposit your GA Travelcard on your SwissPass free of charge for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 30.

How to deposit your GA Travel Card on Swiss Pass?

You can deposit your GA Travel Card on Swiss Pass

  • Online
  • public transport point of sale
  • By Calling SBB Contact Center on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.).

Through online:

  1. Go to Swiss Pass Login
  2. Enter the Email and Password
  3. Then click on the grey button ‘Details of deposit’ next to your GA Travelcard.
  4. Select ‘Suspend GA Travelcards for free’.
  5. Complete the form and submit it.

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