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Milano Centrale (Italian: Stazione di Milano Centrale) is the main railway station of the city of Milan, Italy, and is the largest railway station in Europe by volume. The station is a terminus and located at the northern end of central Milan. It was officially inaugurated in 1931 to replace the old central station (built 1864), which was a transit station but with a limited number of tracks and space, so could not handle the increased traffic caused by the opening of the Simplon Tunnel in 1906.

How to contact Milano Centrale Railway Station?

Station code: XIK[1] Fare Zone STIBM: Mi1

Address: Piazza Duca d’Aosta, 1, 20124 Milano MI, Italy




Map: View Google direction here.

How to reach Milano Centrale Railway Station by Bus / Metro/ Taxi?

By Bus cavour to Central Station M2 M3

By Taxi

Milan to Milano Centrale Station (6 mins travel)

Taxi Milano

Phone:  +39 02 8585

Taxi Blu

Phone: +39 02 4040

Taxi 026969

Phone:  +39 02 661 16454

Etaxi SRL

Phone: +39 02 5353

By Metro

Local subway consists of MM1(red), MM2(green), MM3(yellow)

Service at Milano Centrale Railway Station

Arrow Club (Info and Lounge) Travel Arrow Commercial Gallery
ATM Mosaic Gallery Lounge Italo Club
Shopping Gallery Luggage storage Car rent
Bank and exchange KiPoint Avis
Travel agency Ground Floor Euronet

Who operates the Milano Centrale Railway Station?

  • Grandi Stazioni

Which line is operated at the Milano Centrale Railway Station?

  • Milan–Bologna (high-speed)
  • Milan–Bologna (traditional)
  • Milan–Turin (high-speed)
  • Milan–Turin (traditional)
  • Milan–Genoa
  • Milan–Venice
  • Milan–Chiasso (–Zürich)
  • Milan–Domodossola (–Brig)
  • Milan–Lecco

Platforms at Milano Centrale Railway Station

Platforms 1-3: Chiasso/Domodossola/Milan-Turin (ES* AV), Milan-Malpensa airport train
Platforms 4-6: Turin/Cisalpino Milan–Como–Arth Goldau–Basel / Zürich
Platforms 7-13: Venice / Udine
Platforms 14-17: Bologna–Florence–Rome–Naples
Platforms 18-23: Genoa-Livorno / Ventimiglia / Parma / Cremona-Mantua / Milan-Treviglio-Bergamo
Platform 24: Operations

Milano Centrale Railway Station Time schedule

Departure Arrival
Train Destination Timetables Tracks Train Destination Timetables Delay Tracks
AV 9615 Rome Termini 1.28pm 17 KING 9615 Mantua 1.12pm (’25)
KING 2219 Bergamo 1.35pm REG… 2219 Turin Pn 1.15pm
EC 314 Zurich Hb 1.40pm KING 314 Verona Pn 1.15pm
IC 659 Twenty Thousand 1.40pm KING 659 Bergamo 1.20pm
AV 9583 Reggio C Cle 1.40pm REG… 9583 Bologna C.Le 1.20pm
REG… 2018 Turin Pn 1.45pm KING 2018 As Sg 1.20pm
AV 9975 Naples C.Le 1.45pm AV 9975 Rome Termini 1.20pm
REG… 2459 Bologna C.Le 1.50pm KING 2459 Brescia 1.25pm
KING 2818 They Pull 1.50pm IC 2818 Twenty Thousand 1.30pm (‘5)
REG 2418 Domodossola 1.55pm AV 2418 Turin Pn 1.32pm
RE 2619 Verona Pn 1.55pm RE 2619 I Lick 1.37pm
REG 2932 Illthink At T2 1.55pm MPX 2932 Illthink At T2 1.37pm
AV 9904 Turin Pn 2pm AV 9904 Ancona 1.45pm
AV 8977 Venice Sl 2.05pm AV 8977 Venice Sl 1.45pm (‘5)
AV 9617 Rome Termini 2.05pm KING 9617 Locarno 1.47pm
AV 9923 Rome Termini 2.10pm AV 9923 Rome Termini 1.50pm
KING 25512 Locarno 2.13pm AV 25512 Naples C.Le 1.54pm (’45)

What are the train services at Milano Centrale Railway Station?

Domestic (High-speed)


  • Airport train (Trenord Malpensa Express)
  • Intercity train (Trenitalia Intercity)
  • Night train (Trenitalia Intercity Notte)
  • Regional train (Trenitalia Regionale Veloce)
  • Regional train (Trenitalia Regional)
  • Regional train (Trenord Regio)
  • Historic train (Fondazione FS/Trenitalia Storico)

What are the cities covered by Milano Centrale Railway Station?

  • Basel
  • Florence
  • Geneva
  • Lugano
  • Lucerne
  • Nice
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Zurich


Milano Centrale Railway Station

Milano Centrale Railway Station


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