How to book the cheapest train tickets to Switzerland? Procedure, Costs, Duration

Summer sales on TGV Lyria

If you dream of visiting Switzerland in the summer, plan ahead and book your train tickets with TGV Lyria from €29 one way in Standard class and 49 € one way in Standard 1ÈRE class for your trips between 8 July and 9 September 2023. To book your train tickets to Switzerland, remember that tickets are available 6 months in advance. Plan your future Swiss getaways with TGV Lyria to benefit from the best price!

You can use some of the trains travel towards Switzerland by booking the tickets in advance.

  1. Visit SCNF Connect and book your train to Swiss
  2. Select your destination

What is the best way to book the cheapest train tickets to Switzerland?

  1. Buy the ticket in advance. TGV Lyria offers 6 month in advance for ticket booking
  2. Travel in the weekday to avoid spending more money.
  3. Usually on Wednesday (Other than public holiday / festival) the ticket price is very cheap.
  4. Use travel pass / Rail Pass to reduce the ticket price

*To get the cheapest train ticket, book on Weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Generally, on Wednesday it costs around 44 €

What is the duration?

3 hr 15 minutes

What is the cost to travel from France to Switzerland | Switzerland to France?

  • Paris to Geneva: From 49€ to 129€
  • Paris to Lausanne: From 49€ to 139€
  • Zurich to Paris: From 73€ to 153€
  • Paris to Basel: From 71€ to 137€
  • Paris to Berne: From 49€ to 139€
  • Marseille to Geneva:: From 82€ to 102€

What are the other cheapest ways to travel Switzerland in an economic way?

  • One of the best option is to take Swiss Travel Pass. Wit the Rail Pass, you can get some discounts / offer at the public tourist spot and over 500 museum, it’s free of charge.

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