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Brittany Ferries Founded: 1973
Headquarters: Roscoff, France

Brittany Ferries is the trading name of the French shipping company, BAI Bretagne Angleterre Irlande S.A. founded in 1973 by Alexis Gourvennec, that operates a fleet of ferries and cruiseferries between France and the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain, and between Spain and Ireland and the United Kingdom.

How to Contact Brittany Ferries Customer Support/Phone Number?

Phone: 021 427 7801

Hours: 09:00-17:30 (Monday-Friday)

Email: [email protected]


Port Address:  Phone:
Cork Ringaskiddy , Co.Cork  +353 21 437 8401
Rosslare Rosslare Europort, Rosslare Harbour, Co. Wexford, Y35 PH4X  +353 21 425 3190
Bilbao Terminal de Brittany Ferries, Puerto de Bilbao, Muelle A3, 48508  9 02 10 81 47
Cherbourg Quai de Normandie, Cherbourg, 50100  +33 233 88 44 88
Le Havre Terminal de la Citadelle, Le Havre, 76600  +33 235 51 10 20
Santander Estacion Maritime, Santander, 39002  9 02 10 81 47

Brittany Ferries Fleets

What are the onboard services in Brittany Ferries?

  • The Shop
  • Cinemas
  • Children’S Playroom
  • Children’S Entertainment
  • Teenage Room
  • Pool & Leisure Area
  • Spa Treatment Rooms
  • Live Entertainment
  • Wi-Fi
  • On Deck
  • Other Facilities
  • Lounges
  • Baby changing rooms
  • Baggage room
  • Disabled toilets
  • Lifts

Routes at Brittany Ferries

Ireland to France Route Ireland to Spain Route
Cork to Roscoff Rosslare to Bilbao
Rosslare to Cherbourg Rosslare to Santander
Rosslare to Le Havre

Brittany Ferries Route Map

Brittany Ferries

How to create an account with Brittany Ferries?

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Account Creation” from My Account
  3. Enter the name, Email, and password
  4. Click “Create Account”

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries Timetable

Rosslare to Bilbao Timetable

Rosslare to Bilbao sailing times Bilbao to Rosslare sailing times
  • Overnight sailings on Wednesdays (26 hrs 30 mins to 28 hrs)
  • Set sail on Wednesday morning to arrive around Thursday lunchtime
  • Two-night sailings on Fridays (31 hrs to 31 hrs 30 mins)
  • Set sail Friday night to arrive on Sunday morning
  • Overnight sailings on Thursdays and Sundays (27 hrs 30 mins to 29 hrs)
  • Set sail on Thursday evening to arrive on Friday evening
  • Set sail on Sunday morning to arrive on Monday afternoon

Cork to Roscoff Timetable

Cork to Roscoff sailing times Roscoff to Cork sailing times
  • Saturday afternoon sailing aboard Pont-Aven
  • Wednesday afternoon sailing aboard Armorique
  • Arrive in Roscoff in the morning ready for your onward journey
  • Friday night sailing aboard Pont-Aven
  • Tuesday evening sailing aboard Armorique
  • Arrive in Cork in the morning ready for your journey home

Rosslare to Cherbourg Timetable

Rosslare to Cherbourg sailing times Cherbourg to Rosslare sailing times
  • Overnight sailings (16 hrs 30 mins to 17 hrs 30 mins)
  • Leave in the early evening on Monday to arrive at Tuesday lunchtime
  • Overnight sailings (16 hrs to 18 hrs 30 mins)
  • Leave on Tuesday afternoon to arrive early on Wednesday morning

Rosslare to Santander Timetable

Rosslare to Santander sailing times Santander to Rosslare sailing times
  • Overnight sailings on Tuesdays (27 hrs 45 mins)
  • Set sail on Tuesday morning to arrive at lunchtime on Wednesday
  • Two-night sailings on Fridays (31 hrs)
  • Set sail on Friday night to arrive on Sunday morning
  • Overnight sailings on Thursdays and Sundays (28 hrs to 33 hrs)
  • Set sail on Thursday at midday to arrive on Friday evening
  • Set sail on Sunday at midday to arrive on Monday afternoon

Rosslare to Le Havre Timetable

Rosslare to Le Havre sailing times Le Havre to Rosslare sailing times
  • Overnight sailings are available every Saturday afternoon
  • Set sail at 17:45 from Rosslare and arrive in Le Havre at 15:00 on Sunday afternoon.
  • Friday evening at 19:00
  • With a convenient afternoon arrival time of 14:30 in Rosslare

What are the ticket types at Brittany Ferries?

Ticket Types Early Bird Standard Flexi
Payment at time of booking 100% Deposit of 50% (1) Deposit of 25% (1)
Amendments (2) A fee applies Free up until 2 weeks before outbound sailing Free up until 4 hours before outbound sailing
Cancellation fees 100% 50% – 100% (3) 25%
Refunds No Part refund by travel voucher Part refund by payment method

How to book tickets at Brittany Ferries?

  1. Visit
  2. Select your trip type
  3. Select a route
  4. Enter the inbound and outbound date
  5. Enter the number of passengers, Vehicle type
  6. If travel with pet then enter the pets details
  7. You must travel in a vehicle if you have pets
  8. Click “Search Sailings”
  9. Choose your outbound and inbound sailing
  10. Select your suitable cabin and seats
  11. Enter your email and password
  12. Make a Payment
  13. You’ll receive the confirmation and e-ticket in your inbox.

Brittany Ferries

What are the documents required to travel by Ferries?

    • Passport and visas -Irish citizens need to have a valid passport or passport card to travel to France and Spain
    • To drive your vehicle in France or Spain, you must have:
        • A valid driving licence
        • Your vehicle registration document
        • Vehicle insurance

What is the Procedures when travelling with Pets?

Required documents 

      • EU Pet Passport
      • Alternatively EU Animal Health Certificate issued by a third country (already used to enter the EU no more than 4 months before the departure date)

Essential checklist

      • Your pet must be microchipped, and the microchip number and date must be entered correctly on the pet passport/AHC.
      • Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies, and the vaccination information must be entered correctly on the pet passport/AHC
      • Your dog must wear a muzzle in all areas of the ship when outside of your vehicle or the kennel/pet-friendly cabin.
      • Make sure your pet has water, absorbent bedding and adequate ventilation in your car for the duration of your sailing

List of vets in and around continental and Irish ferry ports who are qualified to treat your pet before returning to Ireland.
many vets are closed on Sunday and Monday as well as Bank Holidays.

Port Address: Phone:
Roscoff Mr J M Feydy, Avenue des  Carmes, 29250 0033 2 98 69 07 48
Cabinet Vétérinaire de Kerzourat, 11, place de l’Evêché, 29250. 0033 2 98 29 14 24
Bilbao Calle Jose Miguel de Barandiaran 15, 48980.   Website: 0034 944 615 077
Calle Sabino Arana 11, 48980. 0034 944 611 492
Cork Riverview Veterinary Group – Carrigaline Companion Animal Hospital, Unit 3, Church Road. 00353 21 437 5628
The Village Veterinary Clinic, Douglas Wollen Mills. 00353 21 489 0101
Av. Cristobal de Murrieta 42, 48980. 0034 944 833 037

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